NDS Dynamics - NDS newsletter on Recent update and opportunities of the CHOB3 kd characterization and Accuracy of ME and MP allowable milk in NDS

NDS Dynamics N° 0902

This month the RUM&N team decided to publish a special issue about the recently implemented NDF rate calculator in NDS Professional. Since its implementation, a bit longer than one year ago (January 2020), the NDS rate calculator has raised some questions from few users about the differences with the previous NDF rate calculator. Therefore, with this issue, Dr. Emiliano Raffrenato (RUM&N R&D) gives us an overview about the research that led to the recent updates on the NDF rate calculator and some tips on how to correctly use NDS Professional when overestimation of the ME and MP allowable milk is noticed. Furthermore, Ermanno Melli (RUM&N R&D) presents the results of the validation process of the updated model.

In this issue, you will find:

Recent update and opportunities of the CHOB3 kd characterization in NDS, written by Emiliano Raffrenato (RUM&N Consulting R&D, Italy)

Accuracy of ME and MP allowable milk in NDS, written by Ermanno Melli (RUM&N Consulting R&D, Italy)


            On March 21st Peter Van Soest has left this world. You may have heard his name when you were studying or reading about ruminant nutrition. He was a true genius!

A lot of what you find embedded in NDS Professional originates from the genius he was and a lot of research that is still being done nowadays comes from his bright mind. All we can do is to thank him for the towering legacy he left behind. We also like to remember him while he drinks some scotch, or in the field, while he twists some grass around his fingers, to demonstrate the fragility concept of forage, or while he chews on some silage to assess the success or the failure of the fermentative process; talking to anyone, from a student to a farmer to a rector of a University with no distinction. R.I.P. Pete!


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