NDS Dynamics - official NDS newsletter: RUFAL: determination of high-risk RUFAL based on fat source and accessibility index / Mass Balance: What is it and why is not always 100%?

NDS Dynamics N° 0805

Latest issue of NDS Dynamic Newsletter is now available! 

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After the summer break (for many countries), the NDS Dynamics newsletter is back with some more news! First of all, thanks to the suggestion of one of our readers, we adopted a magazine layout to make the reading easier on smartphone and tablets. Additionally, since it has become a routine of the past few issues to publish a technical note on the latest NDS Professional updates, the team at RUM&N decided to officially introduce the column “NDS Updates”. In this issue, the column will cover the latest update on the High-Risk RUFAL calculator.

The RUM&N team, with the support of the NDS-North America group is also quite active on the YouTube channel.  The latest video uploaded is: “Feeding for Amino Acids: Optimizing the Fundamentals”. In the presentation, Andrew Lapierre, a PhD  candidate in nutrition at the department of Animal Sciences at Cornell University, among other things shows how NDS can be  used towards a more efficient use of dietary amino acids. You can watch the video HERE

NDS Dynamics is edited by NDS North America and RUM&N and is only available in English.