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NDS Dynamics N° 0804

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For the first time, RUM&N participated at the annual meeting of the American Dairy Science Association presenting the work conducted by E. Raffrenato, A. Ferrari and E. Melli on updated NDF characterization implemented in NDS Professional, and the work conducted by G. Esposito, M.T.N. Shipandeni, E. Raffrenato and E. Melli on the update on the BCS profile prediction in NDS Professional. The meeting was virtual and the presentations were all recorded. Take a look at the presentations on our YouTube channel:

1. Updated NDF characterization implemented in NDS Professional

2. A dynamic approach for BCS prediction in NDS Professional

In this issue, you will also find two articles:

Low Feed Intake in Cows (written by Gregory B. Penner, University of Saskatchewan - Canada)

Calves nutrition from birth to weaning: one size does not fit all! (written by Emiliano Raffrenato, RUM&N R&D team- Italy) 

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