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NDS Rumen Fill Model


Incorporated in NDS Professional are the Mineral and Vitamin updates from NASEM Dairy 2021. We updated the requirement equations for most minerals and vitamins and adopted the new Absorption Coefficients (AC

Included in NDS Professional is a new feature called Synchrony for evaluating the balance and synchronization of the supply of Nitrogen and Energy-producing substrates (CHO) to rumen microbes.

Recently, the ability to read the NASEM Dairy 2021 feed library has been developed in NDS Professional.

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DAY 2 AGENDA (9th June 2021) - ONLINE NDS Professional WORKSHOP

DAY 1 AGENDA (8th June 2021) - ONLINE NDS Professional WORKSHOP

ONLINE NDS Professional WORKSHOP - June 8-10 2021

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DAY 1 AGENDA (8th June 2021) - ONLINE NDS Professional WORKSHOP

Feed characterization and animal inputs

During Day one of our Online Workshop on NDS Professional we will cover basic functions of NDS such as the feed characterization and animal inputs. Although basic, we will discuss advanced function linked to each of them. For instance, for the feed characterization we will discuss the import/export of XML files and the resampling function (for imported feeds or manually added), the control function of the “mass balance” and how to best use the feed library. Furthermore, we will discuss the latest scientific advancements on the Kd predictions for NDFd and starch and their implementation in NDS. For the animal inputs, we will discuss the “critical inputs” and how these affect the outcome of the model; we will also review some of the new and/or recently updated functions such as the milk bulk tank data and the management and environmental model.

Below the detailed list of topics covered in day 1:

  1. Kd prediction for NDFd (B3)
  2. Kd prediction for starch
  3. Import/export files XML and resampling
  4. “critical” animal inputs
  5. Milk bulk tank data
  6. Environmental inputs
  7. Activity calculator
  8. Managment and environmental model

You can find the Agenda of the Workshop HERE

Registrations are open! Click HERE to register if you are from Europe, Africa, Asia, Middle East and Oceania. 
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