NDS Dynamics

تهدف الإخبارية الموسمية لمجموعة NDS_ شمال أمريكا لإبقائكم على إطلاع دائم بمستجدات NDS و القطاع

NASEM Mineral and Vitamin Requirements and Absorption
NASEM Mineral and Vitamin Requirements and Absorption   
NDS Synchrony Index
NDS Synchrony Index   
NASEM Feed Library Consultation
Recently, the ability to read the NASEM Dairy 2021 feed library has been developed in NDS Professional.   
NDS Dynamics N° 01001 Jan 2022
Regulation of Rumen pH and Nutritional Consequences of Low pH + Forage Particle Size: Considerations from field through rumen   
NDS Dynamics N° 0906 Nov 2021
NDS Dynamics-official NDS newsletter on Calf starter formulation discussion + Dam nutrition during pregnancy affect future offspring performance   
NDS Dynamics N° 0905 Sep 2021
Revised Nutrient requirements for Dairy Cattle + Integrating concepts of pre-pubertal mammary development and rates of body growth to describe differences in first lactation milk yield   
NDS Dynamics_0904 Jul2021
Heat stress: a challenge for dairy cows and dairy farmers and the Feed Inventory management module   
NDS Dynamics_0903 May2020
B3-kd calculator, modifications to the Cornell Net Carbohydrate and Protein System related to environmental issues and evaluation and management cows’ pollution   
NDS Dynamics_0902 Mar2021
Update and opportunities of the CHOB3 kd characterization and Accuracy of ME and MP allowable milk in NDS   
NDS_Dynamics_0901 Jan2021
Interaction of feeding behavior with rumen health and production in dairy cattle / NDS Management Environment Model   
NDS Dynamics_0806 Nov2020
Modeling and Integrating Metabolizable Energy and Protein Supply and Requirements and Managing dairy calves to optimize lifetime eating behavior   
NDS Dynamics N° 0805 Sep 2020
Rumen Unsaturated Fatty Acids Load (RUFAL): determination of high-risk RUFAL based on fat source and accessibility index / Mass Balance: What is it and why is not always 100%?   
NDS Dynamics_0804 Jul2020
Low Feed Intake in Cows and Calves nutrition from birth to weaning   
NDS Dynamics_0803 May2020
Impact of nutritional management on a dairy cow behavior   
NDS_Dynamics_0802 Mar2020
Nutritional strategies to optimize growth and performance of calves and heifers   
NDS_Dynamics_0801 Jan2020
NDS Dynamics - official NDS newsletter on NDF characterization in NDS   
NDS Dynamics N° 0704 Sep 2019
NDS Tools to help with 2019 Forages   
NDS Dynamics N° 0703 Jun 2019
Ideal Body Condition Score profile in diary cows   
NDS Dynamics N° 0702 Mar 2019
Transition cows: NEFA or ketone bodies?   
NDS_Dynamics_0701 Jan2019
Urine pH and DCAD: what, when and how?   
NDS Dynamics N° 0601 Nov 2018
Starch: how do we handle it?   
NDS Dynamics N°0509 Dec 2017
Holidays Edition on Corn Silage   
NDS Dynamics N°0508 Dec 2017
NDS Mycotoxins Evaluator   
NDS Dynamics N°0507 Oct 2017
NDS Professional and the Automatic Milking System   
NDS Dynamics N° 0505 Sept 2017
Troubleshooting Rations in NDS – the Nutrient Contribution Tab   
NDS Dynamics N° 0504 Sept 2017
Importance of the Inputs   
NDS Dynamics N° 0503 Mar 2017
NDS Grazing Assessment Tool   
NDS Dynamics N° 0501 Mar 2017
NDS Multitasking Recipes Manager   
NDS Dynamics N° 0410 Nov 2016
NDS Rumen pH sub-model – Part II   
NDS Dynamics N° 0409 Oct 2016
NDS Rumen pH sub-model – Part I   
NDS Dynamics N° 0408 Sept 2016
Formulating Rations in NDS – Should I Apply a Lead Factor? Addendum   
NDS Dynamics N° 0406 Aug 2016
Formulating Rations in NDS – Should I Apply a Lead Factor?   
NDS Dynamics N° 0405 Jul 2016
Characterizing and modeling Fiber digestion in plant by-product   
NDS Dynamics N° 0404 May 2016
NDS Features: Using uNDF30 for Evaluating Changes in Intake Associated with Rumen Fill   
NDS Dynamics N°0403 Apr 2016
Evaluating Rumen Fill When Formulating or Troubleshooting Rations   
NDS Dynamics Special Edition N° 0402 Jan 2016
Description of the most recent version of the CNCPS model (v6.55) implemented in NDS Professional   
NDS Dynamics N° 0401 Jan 2016
NDS Features & Utilities: An Overview of 2015 Enhancements & Additions Upcoming in 2016   
NDS Dynamics N° 0303 Sep 2015
The New NDS Fiber Adequacy Tab   
NDS Dynamics N° 0302 Jul 2015
NDS P-Size Tab: Improving Ration Performance   
NDS Dynamics N° 0301 Apr 2015
Milk Step Feeding Tool   
NDS Dynamics Special Edition Jan 2015
Evolution of CNCPS 6.5: Transition notes for NDS users   
NDS Dynamics N° 0203 Dec 2014
Brief CNCPS 6.5 Update   
NDS Dynamics N° 0202 Aug 2014
NDS Dynamics N° 0201 Mar 2014
NDS Dynamics N° 0104 Dec 2013
NDS Dynamics N° 0103 Aug 2013
NDS Dynamics N° 0102 May 2013
NDS Dynamics N° 0101 Feb 2013