Program info

NDS Professional is a software platform developed around the latest version of the CNCPS v6.5/v 6.55 dynamic model, using licensed technology from and in collaboration with Cornell Department of Animal Science. 

The platform is an evolving application and it is continuously updated, as the results of new researches are available, and as the updates of the biological model are released by Cornell University.

NDS accurately predicts nutrient requirements and supply in each unique production situation for all type of animals, so it is a tool supporting the design and evaluations of diets. You can formulate new rations based on available feeds to meet the nutritional guidelines for a group of animals. You can also evaluate rations after they have been fed to help understand why performance goals were reached or not. You can compare rations options to see which feeds can help to lower feed costs or nutrient excretion. Finally, you can use NDS to design custom feeds and premix sending them out to feed mills.

The program has been designed for nutritional consultants, extension agents, and university researchers. NDS can also be a valuable tool for teaching nutrition, and thanks to the interface, very easy to use with special features included, it can be easily used in teaching nutrition concepts.

Base package includes:
  •  Cattle Model (Dairy and Beef)
  •  Optimizer (linear and non-linear)
  •  RUM&N Feed Library
  •  CNCPS Feed Library
Additional Modules:
  •  Composites Formulation
  •  Water Buffalo Model (Dairy)
  •  Small Ruminant Module
  •  Feed Inventory
  •  NDS SQL Server

NDS Brochure