Performilk - 100

In the modern milk zootechnics, one of the most important feature is the correct, careful and precise technical management.
The gathering, monitoring and the statistical elaboration of technical information are essential points to correctly interpret and make appropriate important business decisions.
It is for these reasons that RUM&N has designed and created PERFORMILK 100 (PM100), dedicated to the gathering and statistical processing of technical data related to qualitative and quantitative production relative to the health and reproductive events of dairy farms.
The software is designed to manage information of a single breeding of dairy cows, through the gathering and the management of population, production, reproductive and health data of each element, present or removed, as well as data represented, for example, by total daily production, or by results of analytical test on milk quality, etc.
The operative and statistical processing apply to a single farm, and concern production, reproductive and health data such as: analysis of production in a given time frame, diary of reproductive events, previsions and operative lists, balance of reproduction, medication dose logs, etc.

Program info

Basic Program
  •  Versione Monoaziendale