EL.D.A. Feed Data System

Why analyze feeds?

Balanced nutrition is required to optimize milk production, weight gain and reproductive efficiency.Understanding the correct composition of feeds is essential to formulating balanced nutritional plans.In addition, the purchased feeds represent a major cost to the producer.Analysis and nutrition evaluation of feed components is critical in keeping these costs controlled.

Nutritional Values

The nutritional value of feedstuffs is not only the result of laboratory testing,but it is also derived from biological models that simulate the digestive properties of feedstuffs. This information is then integrated into mathematical models to predict rate of passage, degradation, etc., as well as energy content, degradability and the availability of carbohydrates and proteins needed to formulate rations.This work must be supported by a uniform system, which is upgraded in a timely and appropriate manner. RUM&N providesthis service in collaboration with scientific and technical professionals.

Data Values

All the information generated must be:
  •  safe, reliable and repeatable
  •  generated by homogeneous sources
  •  quickly produced
  •  correctly interpreted

EL.D.A. System

RUM&N provides this through application of the EL.D.A. System. This system provides feed analysis and characterization of production methods of feeds in a manner that is easily integrated into ration and mix formulation software.
  •  collection of samples showing the analytical profile
  •  delivery of samples to an affiliated laboratory
  •  Specific Nutritional Report emailed to the customer, according to the analytical profile chosen.
  •  sends to the customer the file for importation of results into the computer software

EL.D.A. Project

Analytical profile: feeds are evaluated for specific parameters, prepared by RUM&N, to optimize the characteristics of feeds.
Quality of analysis: analyses are strictly controlled through ring test with universities and related laboratories.
Nutritional Evaluation : generated from the most current biological models, created by the main international research center working on animal nutrition.
Reports: results are summarized in a clear and thorough report, offering accurate interpretation of data and of nutritional value of the feeds.
Fast answer: Report will be send by E-mail generally in 7-10 days, depending on which analytical profile is desired
Software Import: data can be sent by E-mail in electronic forms for importing into software platforms likeNDS Professional and Light, NUTRIMIX Professional, Feed Manager, FORMAT NC, BRILL Feed Formulation.

Through EL.D.A. System, RUM&N eliminates problems associated with sample time lag, sending test requests, interactions with laboratories, and intra-lab variation of analysis results.This allows us to maintain our goal of providing comprehensive support and advanced management for livestock producers.