R-Tags v4

Easily designed and printed custom labels relating to complete feed, minerals, premixes and integrator is an even stronger requirement for ruminants industries today. This can be implemented effectively only with using appropriate designed tools.
R-Tags v4 is a new software that allows also you to retain ease of use and reading information that are features of traditional writing tools while using complex print programs.R-Tags v4 is designed to produce in a step-by-step manner, the various stages through which a user develops the label.At last, R-Tags v4 is designed to receive information directly from NUTRIMIX Formulation System v7.
Management of tables, precompilations, personal data
These easy to use sections cointain forms for data input. The user fills the tables with data, informations and terms to make production of the label effortless.
Label Management
It's the core of R-Tags v4.
Going into previously managed groups, you can create a new label or you can edit an already existing one, with the ability to duplicate the label in order to simplify and expedite the process. From here you can access to pre-compiled lists of ingredients, additives, vitamins and minerals already sorted and cataloged according to Italian regulations.
The values on the limits permitted under the law, the manufacturer of data entry, management of authorization number, kilograms of batch production and additional indications complete the management and operative aspects
Quick search
Allows the user to find a label stored in any operative group, with direct access to it.You can also search for a particular item in the label.
Ingredient and additives management
Allows the user to manage the pre-compiled list proposed by RUM&N , and to create personalized lists to more easily manage ingredients that are routinely used on your farm. You can create a list of active ingredients with their therapeutic indications that will remain with the label.
Print management
R-Tags v4 easily affords the ability to simultaneously open multiple labels in different groups and in varying quantities to maximize printing downtime 
Organized to receive or send information to other similar software, R-Tags v4 can connect directly to NUTRIMIX Formulation System to allow it to receive the drafts of the labels automatically precompiled. 
Saving and restoring files
Ability for periodic data storage so that no information is lost, even in the event of damage to the operating system.

Program Info

  •  Table management
  •  Label preparation and management
  •  Print management
  •  Utilities (imports and storage)