Performilk - 200

In the modern milk zootechnics, one of the most important feature is the correct, careful and precise technical management.
The gathering, monitoring and the statistical elaboration of technical information are essential points to correctly interpret and make appropriate important business decisions.
The collection of data can be managed on several levels and integrated with each other, according to the goal.
Each level is supported by a specific software : 
PERFORMILK 100 (PM 100) : designed to manage information of a single farm of dairy cows, through the gathering and the management of population, production, reproductive and health data of each element, present or removed, as well as data represented, for example, by total daily production, or by results of analytical test on milk quality, etc.
The operative and statistical processing apply to a single farm, and concern production, reproductive and health data such as: analysis of production in a given time frame, diary of reproductive events, previsions and operative lists, balance of reproduction, medication dose logs, etc.
PERFORMILK 200 (PM 200) : can gather and manage, in a massive and sophisticated way, production, reproductive and health information both individual and mass of more farms. Data can be gathered directly (e.g. from Technical office, Provincial Breeders Associations, Associations of Race, etc. in GAIA or UNIALLEVATORI format), or can come from different PM 100 or other compatible software. Analysis of data and statistic elaborations are related to single parameter (e.g. average and progress of milk parameter or fertility index) but also related to different features like housing type, breed race, rule of distribution of feed, forages or concentrate used, and many more.
The inter-comparison and analysis are a qualifying point of PM 200.
The operative and statistical processing are related to the single farm, and concern production, reproductive and health data as, for example, analysis of production situation at a given time, diary of reproductive events, previsions and operative lists, balance of reproduction, the diary of the doses of medicines, etc.
The software has function that allows import of APA data in GAIA or UNIALLEVATORI format (population data, production, reproductive and health events, functional controls, morphological indexes, etc.) and the input/output connection with the major measurement and control systems present today in the milking parlors.
It is for those reasons that RUM&N has designed and created PERFORMILK, dedicated to the gathering, monitoring and statistical processing of technical data related to qualitative and quantitative production and to the health and reproductive events of farms of dairy cows.
Through his database architecture,PERFORMILK 200 is a software specifically designed for veterinary, livestock and technical assistance organizations, as a technical and operative support for their specifics activities.
Also, in accordance with the EU community guidelines on the improvement of the livestock productions, the features of
PM 200
make this software suitable for the detection of physiological and phatological phenomena found on the farm, both in terms of nutritional and sanitary events, with the aim of seeking the most effective solution for problems. 
The main features of the software are the following:

  • Management of each type of farm:
    PM 200 can get information and population data related to farm events from the main management softwares in use (GAIA, HPA LATTE, PERFORMILK 100) regardless of whether you use your own management software or are a member of APA.The veterinarian can get these data in different ways (CD, email, network, internet, ftp, etc.) and import the data directly into the PM 200 database, getting an immediate update.Informations supplied by APA is made official and is provided about 11 times per year while in normal farm operations, the events must be available when assistance is being carried out, therefore gaining a more realistic and timely context of the situation.
  •  Import of each information supplied by APA: functional checks, indexes, genetic, morphological scores, etc.
  •  Discharge events that occurred on farm in APA readable format or paper printouts.
  •  Possibility to connect and exchange data with regional databases or Public Campus
  •  Connections with the main data recording systems used in the milking parlor (Afimilk, ALFA LAVAL, PROSAGRI) to use the data collected also in the processing (production, business, electrical conductivity, milking time).
  •  Processing of technical and management data (production, reproductive and health) of the individual farm, or of aggregate data from more farms in accordance with specifications set out by the veterinarian, both permanently or temporarily; this means that the veterinarian will chose which lists, report or statistics to set up, according to the needs of the farms.
  • The veterinarian can evaluate the farm progress not only according to presets or generic statistics but by selecting more specific and detailed data, resulting in a faster and more precise answer.
  •  Multi-farms processing of data to make observation on larger population: for example it is possible to make an epidemiological investigation with data coming from different PM 200 databases managed by different veterinarians in the area; it is also possible to read a symptom grid to identify the risk factors of the diseases found or to speed up the implementation of corrective measures related to the problem found.
  •  Management of the veterinarian, particularly related to production of certificates, recipes, models as expected by law regulating various aspects, like the bovine population, the death in the farm, using and managing medicines.

    For a better understanding of the structure of the system PERFORMILK, we consider useful to report this diagram where it's represented the project's settings:

Program Info

Basic Program
  •  Multi-farm Version