NDS Dynamics

Vierteljähriger Newsletter von NDS, mit dem Ziel, Sie über Änderungen bei NDS oder auf Seiten der Industrie auf dem Laufenden zu halten.

NDS Dynamics N° 0805 Sep 2020
Rumen Unsaturated Fatty Acids Load (RUFAL): determination of high-risk RUFAL based on fat source and accessibility index / Mass Balance: What is it and why is not always 100%?   
NDS Dynamics_0804 Jul2020
Low Feed Intake in Cows and Calves nutrition from birth to weaning   
NDS Dynamics_0803 May2020
Impact of nutritional management on a dairy cow behavior   
NDS_Dynamics_0802 Mar2020
Nutritional strategies to optimize growth and performance of calves and heifers   
NDS_Dynamics_0801 Jan2020
NDS Dynamics - official NDS newsletter on NDF characterization in NDS   
NDS Dynamics N° 0704 Sep 2019
NDS Tools to help with 2019 Forages   
NDS Dynamics N° 0703 Jun 2019
Ideal Body Condition Score profile in diary cows   
NDS Dynamics N° 0702 Mar 2019
Transition cows: NEFA or ketone bodies?   
NDS_Dynamics_0701 Jan2019
Urine pH and DCAD: what, when and how?   
NDS Dynamics N° 0601 Nov 2018
Starch: how do we handle it?   
NDS Dynamics N°0509 Dec 2017
Holidays Edition on Corn Silage   
NDS Dynamics N°0508 Dec 2017
NDS Mycotoxins Evaluator   
NDS Dynamics N°0507 Oct 2017
NDS Professional and the Automatic Milking System   
NDS Dynamics N° 0505 Sept 2017
Troubleshooting Rations in NDS – the Nutrient Contribution Tab   
NDS Dynamics N° 0504 Sept 2017
Importance of the Inputs   
NDS Dynamics N° 0503 Mar 2017
NDS Grazing Assessment Tool   
NDS Dynamics N° 0501 Mar 2017
NDS Multitasking Recipes Manager   
NDS Dynamics N° 0410 Nov 2016
NDS Rumen pH sub-model – Part II   
NDS Dynamics N° 0409 Oct 2016
NDS Rumen pH sub-model – Part I   
NDS Dynamics N° 0408 Sept 2016
Formulating Rations in NDS – Should I Apply a Lead Factor? Addendum   
NDS Dynamics N° 0406 Aug 2016
Formulating Rations in NDS – Should I Apply a Lead Factor?   
NDS Dynamics N° 0405 Jul 2016
Characterizing and modeling Fiber digestion in plant by-product   
NDS Dynamics N° 0404 May 2016
NDS Features: Using uNDF30 for Evaluating Changes in Intake Associated with Rumen Fill   
NDS Dynamics N°0403 Apr 2016
Evaluating Rumen Fill When Formulating or Troubleshooting Rations   
NDS Dynamics Special Edition N° 0402 Jan 2016
Description of the most recent version of the CNCPS model (v6.55) implemented in NDS Professional   
NDS Dynamics N° 0401 Jan 2016
NDS Features & Utilities: An Overview of 2015 Enhancements & Additions Upcoming in 2016   
NDS Dynamics N° 0303 Sep 2015
The New NDS Fiber Adequacy Tab   
NDS Dynamics N° 0302 Jul 2015
NDS P-Size Tab: Improving Ration Performance   
NDS Dynamics N° 0301 Apr 2015
Milk Step Feeding Tool   
NDS Dynamics Special Edition Jan 2015
Evolution of CNCPS 6.5: Transition notes for NDS users   
NDS Dynamics N° 0203 Dec 2014
Brief CNCPS 6.5 Update   
NDS Dynamics N° 0202 Aug 2014
NDS Dynamics N° 0201 Mar 2014
NDS Dynamics N° 0104 Dec 2013
NDS Dynamics N° 0103 Aug 2013
NDS Dynamics N° 0102 May 2013
NDS Dynamics N° 0101 Feb 2013